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I have been presently working on a series of oil and mixed media pieces of the Rio Tinto (formerly Bingham Canyon, Kennecott Copper) Mine. I have been passionate about this project for several reasons.

I am fascinated by its beauty. The landslide in 2013 lent a particular fascination.
Other artists have also been captivated with the colors and geography there from its inception in 1906. Robert Smithson, who unfortunately died in a plane crash before his preliminary sketch of a massive work was accepted by Kennecott, and Jean Arnold, whose “Civilization” painting depicts that the mine suggests a giant beehive shaped Jello mold are just a couple of memorable examples. Recently, there was an amazing exhibit of the mine and its history and attraction to artists at the UMFA on the University of Utah campus.

I have a personal history with the mine. It employed my father when I was born, my beloved maternal grandfather, and my own husband. Some of the best stories they tell and many consequent visits to the mine and what used to be the town of “Bingham”. Many references as in “Copperview Elementary” where I attended grade school.

The rich cultural and economic history of the mine is an inherent part of Utah’s heritage and thus of everyone who calls Utah home. Its beauty is incomparable and immense, at times controversial but always magnificent.